Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Museum of the City of New York has broken ground for the last time as the building heads into its third and final phase of construction. The construction, more lovingly known as the “Remodernization Project” is scheduled to end by July 2011. The project, although not affecting the architectural integrity of the museum, is nevertheless extremely vital because it is dedicated to general face-lifts the museum has not had since its 1932 opening. Updates include a new sprinkler system, the implementation of modern air conditioning and heating units etc. All of which will be beneficial not only to the public, but also to the curators who will be able to meet more heavily restricted exhibitions that require more temperate surroundings.

So what does this mean in terms of hosting weddings? The museum is absolutely still compatible for hosting groups (both large and small), but in terms of available space, our choices are unfortunately, more limited. For example, the closure of the southern wing, which has been actively under construction since July and will remain so until July 2011, restricts the available space on the ground floor by around a 1/3. Additionally, the marble balcony on the second floor will be closed starting in October through July 2011, which clearly restricts our space further still; however rest assured the grandiose staircase will remain completely intact, albeit serving a theatrical purpose only. But not all hope is lost! We can host your group out on the beautiful front terrace, which overlooks the conservatory gardens; in the rotunda for a cocktail reception, and an intimate sit down dinner; or, downstairs in the swanky auditorium. Because we understand the difficulty of renting a space that is a work in progress, we are offering a sizable discount for renting the museum ($5,000 instead of $10,000), an offer that will expire next summer. Photos to follow--we are hosting another wedding in just a few short weeks!

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